Did you know total Australian wine production in 2018 is estimated at 1.29 billion liters? Despite these significant volumes, manufacturers processed all of this wine under strict sanitary conditions. As wine is intended for consumption, wine manufacturers along with other foodand beverage manufacturers, are required to comply with stringent regulatory standards to ensure the quality of their products and the health and safety of their customers.

Winery’s have wet, warm, carbohydrate-rich environments that are ideal for microbial growth. To mitigate the risk of product contamination, manufacturers employ sanitary equipment and systems that facilitate cleaner processing operations. From tanks, processors, and blenders to pressure vessels, totes, and custom fabrications, the team at STA manufacture a variety of sanitary equipment for brewery processing lines. Our past clients include some of the largest Australian Winery companies.

Wine processing Tanks

At STA, we design, manufacture, and install a wide range of sanitary stainless steel parts and equipment for winery and brewery processing applications, including beer and wort manufacturing. In particular, we specialise in providing complete brewing systems with integrated automation and CIP/SIP systems. Respectively, these systems assist with monitoring production operations, determining whether optimisation is required, and quality checking and facilitate cleaning operations. Some winery experts go so far as to say that the winery process is 90% cleaning and 10% winery. Any  insanitary blemish in the process can destroy thousands of liters of wine in a single batch. The following standard wine making processes demonstrates the importance of high sanitation and cleanliness standards in winery operations:
  • Winemakers create wort by pressing grapes to extract the juice without adding any extra material
  • For white wine, the skins are removed
  • The juice combined with yeast and is left to ferment in a temperature controlled, sterile environment. During this time the yeast converts most of the sugars in the grape juice into alcohol and carbon dioxide.
  • The fermented juice is filtered and bottled, again in a sterile, controlled environment.

Supplying the wine making industry

STA builds complete process systems following industry sanitary standards. We use our own depth of professional knowledge and years of practical experience to provide beer producers assurance our equipment will comply with their stringent industry regulations for Health and Safety and sanitary manufacturing processes. STA designs and builds complete CIP systems that provide our customers the ability to add the benefits of clean-in-place (CIP) technology into their product manufacturing processes. Clean-in-place systems are designed to use a mix of cleaning and sanitising chemicals, heat, and water to thoroughly cleanse process pipes, vessels, and machinery “in place.” Cleaning “in place” benefits beer manufacturers by removing the risk of re-contaminating equipment during reassembly after “out of place” cleaning as well as from the additional costs in time and labour associated with “out of place” cleaning.

From pilot systems to brewery facility expansions, STA can meet the specifications and requirements of your winery project. Combining our world-class plasma welding and stainless steel fabrication capabilities, years of design experience, and compliance with numerous sanitation and safety standards, we are the perfect partner for any brewery processing project. If you’d like to learn more about our sanitary manufacturing capabilities and the advantages of partnering with us, contact us, or request a free quote today.


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