The Australian road network covers nearly 900,000 kilometers. Throughout this network of roads, thousands of trucks and tankers are delivering products to supply Australia’s wide spread population. Stainless Tanks Australia has the expertise in the design and manufacture of customised tanks for use on rigid and trailer based tankers.

Road transport is an essential element of the Australian transport network, and plays a key role in enabling Australia’s economic activity. Australia relies heavily on road transport due to Australia’s large area and low population density over large parts of the country.

Vehicle Tanks & Tankers

Tanks fitted to vehicles require special consideration in their construction.  They are designed and manufactured to withstand vehicle movement vibrations and to minimise content displacement associated.  Industry standard fittings and accessories are required to enable efficient  on-loading and off-loading.  STA design and made tanks for:

The transport industry

Fixtures and fittings to enable safe and efficient coupling and de-coupling. Tank internals are often fitted with baffle plates to minimise the contents shifting with the vehicle's movements. The tank exterior is braced to provide higher rigidity and joints are quality checked to prevent the tank from cracking under the stress of movement.


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