The dairy industry is a vital part of the overall food industry and a significant contributor to the Australian economy. Operations within the dairy industry encompass the production of every cow milk-based product, such as pasteurised and non-pasteurised milk, butter, cream, yogurt, cheese, etc.

Similar to all food processing operations, dairy processing operations are heavily regulated by strict safety and sanitation policies and guidelines. These standards and current good manufacturing practices call for sanitary processing operations—including using sanitary equipment and systems—to ensure the safety and quality of the dairy products produced and, consequently, the welfare of the consumers.

At STA, we manufacture high-quality sanitary products and systems that comply with rigorous safety and sanitation standards. Our discrete products include hoses, fittings, seals, and valves, and our systems are suitable for a wide variety of dairy processing operations, including:
  • Stringent sanitization
  • Various pressure, temperature, volume, and capacity processing requirements
  • Production of topical cream, injectables, liquid suspensions, and pills

Benefits of Dairy Specific Tanks

All of our products and systems feature stainless steel—including 316L—construction and have received all relevant registrations and certifications, such as:
  • Technical Standards and Safety Authority registered
  • Australian and New Zealand Standards Association
  • Production of topical cream, injectables, liquid suspensions, and pills
To facilitate cleaning operations and maintenance of a sanitary processing environment, we design and build complete systems that integrate clean-in-place (CIP) technology and advanced monitoring systems. This system design also allows you to measure production levels and efficiency. In addition to our sanitary product and system manufacturing capabilities, we also act as experienced and knowledgeable third-party consultants for many pharmaceutical industry clients.


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